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Users not displaying in SBS console

A common question is; “why are my users missing from the SBS console, under the users tab?” 

If a user is created in the “SBS way” by using the “Add new user account” wizard under Users and Groups | Users tab of the SBS console, as they should be, they will automatically appear in the console.  However if a user was created within Active Directory, not using the Wizard, or possibly after a migration, they may not be shown in the console.  To resolve this:

  1. Open the Active Directory Users and Computers console, locate the users, which are probably under the Domain | Users Organizational Unit (OU), and move them to the Domain | MyBusiness | Users | SBSUsers OU
  2. In the SBS console under Users and groups | Users | menu on the right – choose “Change user role for user accounts”.  When running the wizard select what type of privileges you wish to give the user/s (Network Admin, Standard User, or Standard User with Admin Links) and choose to replace or add to existing permissions. Next select the users to which you want to apply the updates.  Note you need to check the box “Display all user accounts in Active Directory” for your missing users to appear in the list.  Select the user/s, click add, and then change user role.

This will update the users permissions and the features available to them, based on the assigned role, and add them to the SBS console.

There are a few blog articles that advise differently suggesting you have to make a change using ADSIedit.  Personally I have never run into this, but if the above steps do not work for you it is an alternate solution.  Keep in mind this method only adds them to the SBS console it does not edit or add other permissions and features as the User Role wizard would. 

Go to:  ADSIedit under Administrative tools | right click on ADSIedit | connect to | accept all defaults – click OK | expand Default naming context | expand DC=<your domain>, DC=local | expand the container that holds your user/s (probably  CN=Users) | right click on each user container and choose properties | scroll down to msSBSCreationState | highlight and click edit | enter in the “Value” box  Created | exit choosing OK | OK. 



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