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Quickie: changing message size limits on SBS std 2008 and 2011

Many clients today want to be able to send and/or receive messages with large attachments. By default SBS has built-in limits of 10 MB for both. To keep this simple and short I will not go into into practical limits or all the detailed options available. I do however recommend reading the link below, from which the information was gathered to get a better understanding of all limits and parameters:

Note: This assumes a default SBS 2008/2010 environment, not an Exchange standalone (non-SBS) configuration and you have not edited the default send/receive connectors. If in doubt you can verify the connector names with the commands at the end of the article .

To raise the current default limit from 10 MB to 25 MB (as an example) cut and past the following 3 lines, one by one, into the EMS (Exchange Management Shell) located under All Programs / Microsoft Exchange Server 20xx. You need to substitute your SBS server name for ServerName.

  • Set-TransportConfig –MaxSendSize 25MB –MaxReceiveSize 25MB
  • Set-ReceiveConnector “Windows SBS Internet Receive ServerName” –MaxMessageSize 25MB
  • Set-SendConnector “Windows SBS Internet Send ServerName” –MaxMessageSize 25MB

Should you wish to review the current settings or connector names you can use the following commands.

  • Get-TransportConfig | ft name, MaxSendSize, MaxReceiveSize
  • Get-ReceiveConnector | ft name, MaxMessageSize
  • Get-SendConnector | ft name, MaxMessageSize
  • Get-mailbox | ft name, MaxSendSize, MaxReceiveSize

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