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Office 365 authentication did not succeed

I have had a few questions regarding a message “Office 365 authentication did not succeed” suddenly appearing both in the daily reports and the Alert Viewer of Server Essentials.  The alert viewer suggests changing the admin account (or refresh it) in the Office 365 tab of the Essentials Dashboard, however doing so fails with a message stating you are using the wrong account or password.


In most cases if you log into the Office 365 site using the domain’s admin e-mail account you will find the password has expired and you are asked to update it.  Do so and return to the Dashboard entering the new password which should now allow it to validate and eliminate the error.



Microsoft Virtual Launch Event for the new Office 365

Virtual Launch Event for the new Office 365
for business.

Date Wednesday, February 27th 8 am PDT and 5 pm PDT

Why Attend?

• Learn how the new Office 365 can help people do
their best work in a world of devices and services

• Hear customers talk about how Office 365
is transforming the way they deliver productivity
tools across their organization

• See how Office 365 delivers new experiences
combining the power of social with collaboration,
email and unified communications

• Join in a live Q&A with Microsoft executives
and product experts


MVA – an incredible chance to improve your IT skills

The Microsoft Virtual Academy is a relatively new source for on-line training in a multitude of topic areas including; virtualization, Office 365, private and public cloud, SQL and Windows Azure, System Centre, Security and much more. There are numerous courses already available in these topic areas with many more to be added in the future. Best of all it’s completely FREE !

Sign up and get started with your training here:–MVP52

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