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Editing SBS 2008/2011 Server Reports

There have been many complaints that there are numerous events logged in the daily SBS reports to which the ultimate Microsoft solution is; “The errors/warnings are benign and may be safely ignored”, “You can safely ignore the event ID error message, or similar. The fact is some of us quickly scan the reports for serious errors and as soon as we see a red warning, we have to stop, review, and take action or as Microsoft suggests, “ignore”.  In the interest of efficiency, or simply wanting to provide clients with clean reports, it would be nice to have errors that can be ignored, be ignored, and not added to the report. 

Great news!  Microsoft just released “An SBS Monitoring Feature Enhancement”.  This a tool or add-on package that allows you to create your own custom list of excluded events that will no longer be added to the daily reports.  It does include a list of the known common events (below) that can be ignored, which you can also edit if you wish.

SBS 2008
•Event ID: 10016 Source: DCOM
•Event ID: 10009 Source: DCOM
SBS 2011 Standard
•Event ID: 129   Source: WinRM
•Event ID: 142   Source: WinRM
•Event ID: 4107  Source: Microsoft-Windows-CAPI2
•Event ID: 10016 Source: DCOM
•Event ID: 10009 Source: DCOM
•Event ID: 5586  Source: SharePoint Foundation
•Event ID: 6772  Source: SharePoint Foundation
•Event ID: 6398  Source: SharePoint Foundation
•Event ID: 8     Source: MSExchange CmdletLogs
•Event ID: 6     Source: MSExchange CmdletLogs

For full details and link to the download, see the full article:


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