Some people are discovering the SBS daily reports are showing the Windows Firewall is not enabled, Windows Firewall is not running, when in fact it is definitely enabled.  In several of the cases I have seen you can resolve by renaming the Repository folder.  To do so:

  • Open the Services management console and stop the “Windows Management Instrumentation” service.  If it keeps restarting, you may have to temporarily set to disabled.
  • Locate the “Repository” folder in C:\Windows\System32\wbem\ and rename to something like OLD_Repository .  Rename rather than delete the folder so you can revert back if for some reason it were necessary.
  • Restart/re-enable the “Windows Management Instrumentation” service
  • Reboot

Comments on: "SBS 2011 Reports Showing Firewall Disabled" (2)

  1. Dean Lennon said:

    Thanks for the Post. I tried your instructions but after reboot the SBS server was still saying that the Windows Server Firewall was critical and was disabled when it isnt.
    Any further instructions or things I could try?

  2. The fix worked for me on a couple of servers, however another reader reported it solved the problem, but it returned after 2 days, so I may have to revisit that issue. Generally the problem is the folder has corrupted WMI information. Apparently this may be a symptom rather than the underlying cause. Two possible causes could be insufficient disk space and/or insufficient RAM. If that is not the case I would review the event logs to see if you can locate any WMI related errors.

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